Thursday, May 03, 2007

smarter goose removal

I was thinking about the trillion Canadian geese the other day and the lightning flash of stupidity suddenly came to me.

We have a leash law. All dogs are to be either fenced in, or attached to a leash and under control of their owners at all times when outside. The only place you can let your dog really run free is in the dog park.

A dog park costs approximately $25K - $30K to build, with nominal maintenance costs. The city has two.

The city is considering removing the Canadian geese infestation by hiring border collies and their handler. The dogs are taken on rounds to the city parks to chase the geese several days per week. I'm presently researching how much this costs, but from what I've read, it's an ongoing service of 50 to 100 visits per year, and takes typically 10 to 12 weeks to get the geese to stay away.

It makes more sense to simply kill the leash law instead, dontcha think?


Bobg said...

If I had geese in my community I might be concerned. We only have dogs on leashes and owners with plastic bags that they use if anyone is looking. It costs a lot less than and gives me time to look up at this time of the year to watch the 'real' wild geese flying towards their northern nesting grounds.

Max Inclined said...

We have piles of geese and they are now permanent residents. Any pond, or any section of grass larger than 100x50, has got some on it.

Max Inclined said...

Edit, after having read bobg's profile: feel free to take 'em back. :D

Some irony there, about a Canadian having a dearth of Canadian geese and a Californian who sees way too many of them.