Saturday, May 05, 2007

the wait is (probably) over

The night before last, the mate's O2Sat dipped down into the 60s. Last night, it hit the 30s and she was taken to ICU. They put her on the bipap. In accordance with her wishes, they didn't intubate her. When she regained consciousness she told them she wanted to be out of ICU and back in her regular room.

I talked with her doc this morning. Basically, if a new set of lungs didn't show up today, the mate would probably be in too poor a condition to transplant. The doc said she would check with the transplant hospital to see if there was a potential donation in the pipeline.

There wasn't. I'll have her check again this evening but basically today is it.

Miracles have happened, it is a miracle in itself that she's lasted as long as she has. And it's entirely possible that she will recover sufficiently to last yet a little longer.

In short, I'm not ready to hit the morphine for her yet. But we're scarily close to that point. Odds are not good. She is mostly sleeping/unconscious, and about once every hour or two she is pretty lucid. But because she's been known to turn around, I want to continue her medications and respiratory therapy as long as is reasonable. If she is going downhill for the last time, then a few more bags of antibiotics and a few more vials of albuterol and saline aren't going to make a difference.

Wish me luck.

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