Monday, May 28, 2007

what a day!

I finally got rid of the chicken in my steering hand that says don't cross to the wrong side of the street. Success does that... :D

I just had a fan-fucking-tastic day today with my friend R, who's been a falconer for probably 30 years, most of it as dirthawker and just the last four or five as a longwinger. I asked him to run the camera, which he did not do at all < shrug >. I wanted to try to get the bird to go out the passenger side, so we caught one and slipped the HH off it. On our way to finding a place to set up the bag, we caught another one. So now we had 2 crows. We found a good spot, set up the crow, P caught it (doesn't truly count as #3, but in his mind it would). (He was still a bit hesitating to go out of the window, so I may have to do it again sometime.) I pulled off a wing to feed up P, and R, who was holding crow #2, decided to let it go right then. However, I hadn't actually secured P to the glove yet, so he took off after #2, which wasn't flying all so hot. The HH caught up with it and #2 became #4.

And all of this is done in 1 hour.

I had been satisfied with 1 crow per outing, but it's like my inner eye opened or something... I predict a pretty exciting summer. The hard part is going to be figuring out what to do with all these crows.... R took one to feed his molting birds, and I suppose anyone else I know could use a few. It's good meat, red as jackrabbit and will stick to your hawk's ribs even more than quail.

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