Monday, June 04, 2007

driving in one piece

We caught a young and obviously sick one today. It didn't even try to fly -- P was holding it for not even 10 seconds, and it was dead. They usually have tons more fight than that. The one I'd set up as a baggie last week had rougher treatment but was trying to stand up while zipped inside my vest, growling the whole time. Today's quarry just gave up the ghost, which means it won't get fed to my bird. Could be West Nile or any manner of diseases. Bird quarry is more dangerous to a hawk than mammals since mammalian parasites don't cross over to birds.

You have to be careful driving while carhawking. I have not had anything remotely resembling a near-hit because in the quarry situation I do get extra cautious. However, I stopped at a light today, intending to check out the area beyond. There was no cross traffic, and I simply started moving, blowing right through this red light. A third of the way through the intersection I realized what I was doing and kept going, but I was pretty surprised at how distracted I'd been, simply acting on an intention without regard to other very important factors.

And carhawking *is* fun. That's another thing that makes it a bit hazardous, when you're having too much of a good time you forget things.

I think I'd better stick to the industrial parks without lights from here on. If they don't have lights, they must not have enough traffic to merit them. Therefore, safe...

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