Thursday, June 14, 2007

for my next trick

Did the family, now the friends. I'm gonna cook a few things and buy a few pre-made things for Saturday. The medical people are invited but I'm not sure how many are coming. Falconers, some people at work, and a few other friends will be there. I'm expecting maybe 20 - 25. Real hard to say.

I'd received an invitation to a party to be held the evening of the same day as the scattering. I didn't go, it just felt wrong. Sunday I meant to go hawking but blew it off cos the friend I was going to go with didn't return my call, the bastard. I was lonely and depressed cos she felt further away.

Five weeks she's been gone. It's not full-blown depression but I can feel its fingers poking at me. When this party is done I'm going to check out Kubler-Ross and see if I can find any insight there. I know all this is normal...but it doesn't feel any better for it.

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