Thursday, July 26, 2007

about ready for beta

Most everything is finished now and just needs some polish. There's one serious problem remaining -- I need to locate my verification routine in just the right place. This is one of the problems when you don't fully know what to do and you swipe the wizard code to do the dirty work for you. The wizards are written to act as a tight unit, so adding things can be a little tricky.

The add record button creates a blank record then stops. It starts moving again when the user hits the button, now labeled "Save," again. If it fails verification, I need it to stop again. However, right now it essentially does a revert - it dumps the record along with any data that has been already added, and goes back to the record displayed before you hit the add button. But it leaves the button labels alone, so it still says "Save," only we're on the wrong person now.

Two things I'm finding surprisingly hard to find are complete code examples and overviews of common procedures. You'd think there would be tons of these things out there. MSDN simply sucks: it's just a half-step up from manuals that name the menu items you'd click to run a command, but don't explain why or when you would use it.

When you get these individual bits and pieces, it's hard to know where the task falls within a multi-step process. For example, let's say you want to display a report in a maximized window. Apparently, you have to define the window in memory, activate it, show it, open your report. After the user prints, you have to deactivate it then release it from memory. However, help has no overview like this. There's an entry for defining windows, one for activating, one for showing, etc., but there's no one page that lists all the steps required for the process to be done properly and cleanly.

I did find code on the internet to create and release my print window, but there have been several such tasks. Fortunately I've managed to get most answers through this miracle that is the internet, where people give their time and share their knowledge to help others.

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