Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is what happens when you have to write an application only once every three or four years: you forget everything. All the connections and significances of various terms get lost.

Most of it works good. It stores records of students being bad and what actions were taken to make up for it. You can do all the basic things, like add/edit/delete records and print reports. The slick part is that it connects via ODBC to the live student database, so when you pick a kid from the live list it will copy all the demographics in: name, phone number, school, etc. Saves on typing, and error potential. All the user needs to do is add the incident date, the offense, and the resolution.

All that works, except I'm having a hell of a time setting up the drop-down menu for the school number and tying that to the field next to it (school name). The data source for the menu is the main table (actually a view) but when you edit, the drop-down gets its choices from a different table (actually a cursor). As it stands right now, adding/editing a record it does fine, but when you scoot through the table, the school number doesn't match the corresponding school name.

Enough websearching and it should come sooner or later.

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