Saturday, August 18, 2007

look straight ahead

While heading out to go hawking I saw an interesting thing on the bridge: a oldish man in the passenger seat of a car, looking through a video camera like he was taping the drive. He seemed very concentrated on the task. I found it pretty funny that for several miles, there was this car pacing his with a hawk in the back seat, and he never saw it. On our way home I got caught up in traffic jams twice, both for about two-mile stretches, both stop-and-go. Out of all that, only one person noticed the hawk in the front seat: a boy, about 10. Everyone else was talking on the phone or being bored or concentrating on the car ahead.

Actually, this should be no surprise to me. A decade ago, when the mate wanted people to see hawks and learn about falconry, we used to take the bird out for coffee (they like theirs with cream generally, and the accipiters take lots of sugar. Sorry -- falconer joke.) It was entertaining to see how many people did or didn't notice. In my hometown we usually got a lot of hits, but in yuppie/boomer Palo Alto, hardly anyone noticed or were curious enough to talk with us.

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