Wednesday, August 29, 2007

unreality in the unreal

It occurred to me (one of those late-night wonderings) that if there was modern day magic a la Harry Potter, the bulk of the craft would be about image. I mean, come on, you have several hundred hormone-raddled teenagers and not a single one changes hair color, whitens teeth, or masks the acne? (Tonks doesn’t count; she’s out of school.) Why can’t Neville just give himself a better haircut?

Furthermore, witches would not be hiding, they’d be raking it in as serious competitors to Lancome and the thousand other Muggle makeup companies the writer cannot name off the top of his head. Magic is a broad field, and from that would spring something on a par with Japanese multi-industry corporations, providing cosmetics, couture, foundation garments, hair replacement, and safe alternatives to cosmetic surgery and weight loss. They would also make dishwashers and clean-energy vehicles. Services would include package delivery, gardening, and construction. They could eliminate net meetings, replacing cameras with portraits, and engender the return of the paper letter.

In short, in ten years they would own most of the world. Or at least the Slytherin would.

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