Saturday, September 01, 2007


Certain prey animals are pretty darned smart. One route we take covers about 15 miles and takes us through 3 industrial areas. I have another route that covers about 4 miles and 1 industrial area. In a matter of weeks I'm starting to be recognized and avoided. So I've been exploring some other areas to spread things out a bit.

We just tried a new place for the second time (the first time was last season) and though it's not large, it has worked out. This afternoon, in a parking lot, I tossed P. Even though he wasn't that hungry (620 gm; I usually fly him between 05 and and 15), excitement was the order of the day and he flew hard at it. It ducked and I think P grabbed just feathers, and went skidding along the asphalt a couple feet. I could see his feet dragging down against the surface, trying to stop, a cloud of dust flying up.

That has got to hurt! But he was up the next instant, unfortunately too late to have a second chance. He came back to me, I checked him all over, and he seemed just fine. After more driving he did catch something else, but I kept looking at him amazed at how tough those scaly feet and legs are.

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