Thursday, September 06, 2007

unhealthy but pretty

A couple years ago I was driving past a 5-acre brush fire right next to the highway. The sun was reduced to a small amber disk and everything was brownish-yellow, like the walls in a houseful of heavy smokers.

Right now there's a 15,000 acre fire going on Plumas County, north of Lake Tahoe. Usually winds here push eastward, but they shifted, so since yesterday we've been covered in a thin layer of haze. This would have been horrible for the mate -- we probably would have had to get out of town, go to the ocean. Even I can feel not just the heat from the localized greenhouse effect, but a heaviness in my lungs.

But the haze gives everything a slightly peachy tint. You can look at the sun a pinch longer than you normally can, and it has a pinkish aura. Right now, 10:30 in the morning, the color of light is like late dawn.

While hawking yesterday, I took a few pictures with the camera phone, but they were pretty much crap. This is least lousy one. If you take that bright ring around the sun and apply it to the whole thing, that's what it looked like.

And now for something completely different: the check came in for my program. Got an extra thou or so as mad cash. Digital camcorder or a leather sofa? Decisions, decisions.

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