Thursday, October 25, 2007

the bamboo bends

After browsing, I settled on to host my website and point my domain name there. LeadHoster is free, ad-free, and offers 250MB space. Their only drawback is a 500KB file-size limit, but all but one of my files falls within that (and it's hosted elsewhere already). If there's an activity timeout (many free hosts will suspend your site after 30 days inactivity) they don't mention it. We'll see, but having FTP and no ads beats Geocities hands down.

Within 1.5 hours, my website was up with LeadHoster.
No ads, all 400+ files FTP'ed painlessly in less than 1/2 hr, none of that Windows pick-one-file-at-a-time crap, no nonsensical rules, just the sensible ones.

Geocities can suck my dog's dick.


pinkypinks said...

I am trying to get in touch with Falconers in the Los Angeles area. I work for an artists that is making a short film portrait of birds of prey and the falconers that work with them. This project is for display in art galleries and museums. Filming is in Nov, we can pay a daily rate, provide lunch and take a professional portriat of you with your bird. Please contact me at if you are someone you know would be interested in this project

C. Y. Noquote said...

Wouldn't it be nice if people could actually post their comments on topic? How difficult is it to scroll down a bit? It might give the impression that they've actually read the blog rather than reacting to the word 'falconry' at the top there. Just a suggestion.

Then again, asking for a grammatical sentence seems like a bit of a stretch....

Max Inclined said...

Heya cy'
Yes it would. And you undoubtedly noticed her blogger account was started this month. Likely today. Makes me feel special.