Sunday, October 21, 2007

I violated Geocities TOS ? How?

I was uploading files from my old website to Geocities, when for no reason the 70+ files I'd done so far disappeared. I could not create subdirectories. My allowed space dropped to zero. In short, they shut my site down.

I sent off a message to service and received the following reply:
Usage of your Yahoo! account was recently identified to be in violation of the GeoCities Terms of Service, and your site and account were shut down. The GeoCities Terms of Service states that you cannot use your GeoCities site to link any other page, whether inside or beyond Yahoo! and/or GeoCities.

This makes no sense whatsoever. This sure sounds like it's saying I cannot have a link to another page, whether it's hosted on Yahoo, Geocities, or elsewhere. In other words, I can have a single page containing all the information and no links at all. No menu that points to subpages.

What makes even less sense is that their Terms of Service does not actually say anything like that. It says (5.(o)) you may not
use your home page (or directory) as storage for remote loading or as a door or signpost to another home page, whether inside or beyond Yahoo GeoCities

My site does have links to outside pages, such as Northwoods Falconry, the CHC website and the NAFA website. The links switch to those pages rather than loading it into a frame in my site, which would mess with those sites' layouts and make it appear as if they are part of my own. Maybe that's it?

I asked them to clarify what they meant and identify exactly what link triggered the TOS violation.

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