Friday, October 19, 2007

up and running, sort of

Okay, I'm officially DSL'ed now and it even works. Now I can waste time faster than ever - yay!

Seriously now, even though AT&T claims they give you 1GB storage that does not mean you have webspace. It's just storage.

In other words if you try to upload files for your website into Yahoo Briefcase, the links don't work. Files open, but the pathing doesn't happen. In other words if your .htm(l) has a link to /images/picture.jpg, it won't find it. Nor does ../images/picture.jpg. This is pretty frustrating and I'm probably going to spend all day trying to hack this so it works.

Another major annoyance is that you cannot FTP files. They have an upload screen akin to Photobucket or Tripod/Lycos where you must select each file individually and you can only do 6 at a time. Very, very bad.

Really, really annoying. Completely fucked, in fact. All the files you upload get a stupid hash added to the end, such as ?BCZvPGHBWBnAfwhO, and the file cannot be viewed without it. If you upload the same file, it gets a new hash number. There is no online editor, so editing a file (and thus keeping the same hash) is impossible.

In other words, you cannot create a working webpage. You can try fixing things by uploading images first, edit your css and javascript menus to correctly reference images and upload those, then edit your htms to correctly link css, js menus, and images, then upload those. But it is way more trouble than it's worth.

If your menu includes a link to index.html, you must kiss it goodbye, because once you upload index.html it gets a new hash. It's recursive, see.

A couple weeks ago I'd worked up a little webpage for my friend K, just four pages and a couple pictures, and it's taken an hour of concerted effort to do half the above.

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