Friday, November 16, 2007


Sometimes I wonder what you do these days. As a spirit, you undoubtedly see things in ways I can only speculate about. I imagine you as traveling places on a thought, whether it be Bellingham or Betelgeuse. I don’t think world affairs concern you any longer, or at least not the details. What might concern you is whether or not humans survive as a race. You were always a big-picture kind of person anyway. The systems view you and I have is just a bit bigger for you now. I bet you like it.

Or you might not see systems as objects. Maybe it’s all a mix of atoms, some clustering in patterns, most chaotic, nothing that could be discerned as an individual human or even a species. Humans and sharks and magma and the roots of redwood trees and space dust are all one thing.

Maybe you only discern living matter versus inert, or things that grow and reproduce versus those that don’t. Maybe all you see are certain types of energy: life, or motivation, or perhaps what is transmitted from one being connecting with another.

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