Thursday, November 01, 2007

back in the saddle

After a troubling couple of days where P had nothing but close calls, we're back to normal. I'm not sure what the problem was there. Maybe I was letting him go too soon, maybe our quarry has been hammered often enough to be jumpy, maybe a touch of internal parasites, maybe because I haven't given him a full relaxing feed after his efforts. Falconry is always full of questions with no certain answer.

But this weekend we did well, and I gave him close to a full gorge Sunday. Today was the fastest hawking job ever. One toss, one catch, and home. I was sleepy, and when I'm sleepy, decisions are harder to make. Wanna do this. No, wanna do that. No... That kind of thing.

I'm catching up on Tuesday because I have a case of bachelorchronisoma, symptoms being staying up till 2am, waking at 6 or 7, and crashing at 3 pm because of it. On workdays, this is not amusing. 3:30 Tuesday I went home to grab something, thought I would just close my eyes on the sofa for 15 minutes, and woke 2.5 hours later. Whoops. I'm just glad for flextime.

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