Thursday, November 08, 2007

that were no bird

So I was cruising around some parking lot in the Google zone (east Mountain View) and P got all excited about something. There were a lot of trees and I couldn't tell what had grabbed his attention. Sometimes quarry is on the far side of the landscaping, and he can see it but I can't. (I often wonder what if anything I passed up when he cranes his neck like crazy for two seconds, then subsides.)

I cranked the car around, waited while some employee went by, then accellerated and let him go. P flew toward a spot about 5 feet up from the base of a tree and did the most amazing spiral up and around it, like he'd grabbed a stop sign while rollerskating. He was hot after a squirrel! He lost steam on the way up, landing on the ground, but the next moment he was up again, trying to track this goofy animal that was dodging left and right to get out of P's sights. P didn't really have a chance, but if gravity was on his side I'm sure he would have. I'd never seen squirrel hawking, and have to admit it was funny as hell and could be an impressive challenge for a hawk.

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