Saturday, December 29, 2007

2 days 5 crows

I went to the first meeting of a new club in CA, the CGA - California Gamehawkers Association. Pretty cool, a lot of old timers there, people who'd already been around a long time when I got started in 89. A lot of crows around too and P & I went in for a hawking marathon.

When you go someplace the first time it's so easy, the crows are unaware, and in this town they're everywhere. The first 2 crows on Friday took a total of 20 minutes to get: I drove 8 blocks the first time, and about 1 mile for the 2nd. In the afternoon we got another less than 3 miles away from the meet site. The last one was a spectacular flight into a flock of about a hundred crows hanging around a dairy. Saturday, 2 crows in the morning, then I got a late start for the afternoon and got one slip that P missed.

Out of all that some terrific flights, even the crows that ducked flat were highly entertaining. Late this afternoon P got a good reward for his efforts.

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