Friday, December 07, 2007

the messenger is the message

Channel-surfing just now, I ran across PBS and "Happiness Prescription With Deepak Chopra." I've never seen the guy before, haven't read his books, but apparently he's pretty popular. He was talking about the Buddha.

He was also wearing the most amazing pair of glasses. Red plastic with sparkly rhinestones. Every time he moved his head they jumped out at me like a pair of Martian antennae on the Mona Lisa. Actually, I could see the Mona Lisa wearing Martian antennae because of that smile. She'd get the joke; she'd be in on it. Chopra was earnest and serious while wearing a pair of glasses more appropriate to a 10 year-old girl visiting Hollywood for the very first time. Or Bootsy Collins. Just not a philosopher.

I just couldn't take anything he said seriously, even it being an explanation of the eightfold path. The glasses spoke louder than Chopra himself.

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