Sunday, January 27, 2008

michael moore has a point

Got my bill for the emergency room visit. It’s only a laugh because I only have to pay my ER copay of $50:

Pharma - $566. I had 1 shot of synthetic morphine and a bag of saline
Lab - $1218. They took blood and pee and checked it
CT scan - $7176. a gallon of barium, 20 minutes and a technician
ER - $1045. I was there 8 hours, mostly sleeping
Other diagnostic services - $344. I have no idea what that could be

Totaling $10339. Interestingly, because I went to the hospital listed on my HMO card, they gave the insurance company a tidy little discount of $2585. Quantity discount, I suppose. So what is the actual cost of these services, I'd like to know.

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