Friday, February 15, 2008

hopefully okay

I'm hawking by Lake Larry and spot some crows, so I go into a parking lot to circle back. Drop the window, get the hawk on the glove, wait for an Explorer to pass, and pull out. Right as we get to the crows, the Explorer decides to bust a move and does a U-turn. WTF?! I don't have enough reaction to yank my glove back. P launches early and I can only watch helplessly as the Explorer accellerates and my bird accellerates toward the crow in the gutter. I can see these two vectors are on collision course. While I'm whipping the car around, I hear a thump, but I'm not sure if it's hawk into crow or SUV into hawk.

The next thing I see is my hawk in a tree and the crows having fits. P looks stunned as he did when he tried to take the goose. He doesn't want to come down to a tidbit. When I show him a better chunk, a whole crow leg, he eyes it but still hesitates for half a minute before coming to the glove.

While he's eating, I feel him all over. Nothing seems broken, although his right eye looks slightly less open than the left. As we drive home I keep checking him. For a moment I worry his left wing isn't folding up correctly, but then it does.

I'll keep watching him.

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