Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[idea] video based on telemetry

Oh, the ideas that come out of carhawking...

If I was an engineer, here's what I'd like to design: a video camera mount that would use a transmitter signal to keep the camera pointed at the transmitter.

The transmitter would be mounted on the hawk's leg or tail as usual. You'd need at least two receivers to triangulate the signal to determine the angle to move the camera. Two would give you pan; another two would give pitch. Even with something as relatively level as carhawking (i.e. window height to ground), there's enough up and down to require pitch -- quarry usually flies up, and the hawk after it.

The transmitter signal would have to be constant rather than the normal bip every two seconds -- in car hawking time, two seconds is the time between release from the window and catch. The receivers and motors would have to be fast enough to keep up with the action.

And of course we'd also need a remote start/stop for the camera itself.

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