Wednesday, March 12, 2008

house and hawk

Well, not much word on the house yet. I got the previous inspection papers, and everything seems very minor. Still, I'll be doing a general house inspection and a termite inspection as well. The termite report looks completely lame, like they hardly inspected at all even though they came out twice. The inspection company didn't do the work recommended, so either it was someone else, or it wasn't done.

And my RE agent tells me (for the third or fourth time), "We should hear by Friday."

Shrug. As long as I eventually get it, I'll be happy.

On the hawk front, last weekend was great. We flew 3 out of 4 days and got 5 crows. Four of them were unspectacular, one was good. Several good flights without catches as well. My fridge was stuffed with birds; two went into the freezer and the rest got eaten. There's surprisingly little meat on a crow: one crow makes 3 maintenance-sized hawk meals, generally speaking.

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