Friday, April 11, 2008

hung up

I ordered some bubble wrap online, and I should have done it sooner. The dishes & glassware and myself are just hanging loose waiting for the stuff to arrive.

P & I got out today and had a few crow slips. Passing through an intersection, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye but passed it up in favor of a more likely spot. That turned into a bust so I came back to check it out. It was an awkward location so I had P on the glove all ready to go.

It turned out to be a jackrabbit, which P has turned his nose up at quite a few times. He generally likes sitters -- if they're moving, he just doesn't want to commit to the inevitable rolling that happens. Even for bunnies he won't commit. We haven't gone after jacks since I gave away S.

P launched, sailed up high, did a pretty little tiercel wingover and hit dirt. I expected that: the wingover works in very thick cover (where the rabbit is limited where it can go, and how fast) but not in landscaping. I pulled into the parking lot and walked a little ways away, then walked back through the landscaping, hoping to flush it.

Which it did, later than I expected. It must have been freezing almost right below P. It ran into the side street (fortunately no traffic at all) with P coming down from the tree he'd stopped in. Slammed it in the shoulder, struggled, and landed it in the street. He'd made a terrific tear in the skin, it was bleeding badly, and there were bits of rabbit fluff on the ground. I ran down and of course the jack, already terrified and screaming, sprang to life and ran around under my feet, me trying to get a hand on it.

After a few seconds the situation stabilized to a falconer kneeling on the lawn over a panting, wired hawk and a dying rabbit. Driving away from the scene of the crime I spotted a crow overhead, and as I got onto the street I saw another crow picking up the rabbit fluff to add to its nest.

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