Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wednesday afternoon the RE agent called saying I might close that day. I called the title company and my escrow officer confirmed that it was definite, then she called him. I got my keys that afternoon after work.

I packed up a sleeping bag and some minimal necessaries for being in a completely empty place, grabbed the bird and necessaries for perching & feeding him, and we spent the night in the new place. Along the way we took a few minutes out and picked off a crow feeding on some crushed crackers in a parking lot.

As I bedded down for the night, the house echoed and made occasional creaking noises, raccoons trotted overhead, and sleeping on a floor was something I haven't done in 20 years. But I had this slightly stunned sense that this was mine, in (obviously) the good kind of way.

There was still a lot of trash left behind and not enough good stuff. I was given one key that opened the front door only. There were no remotes for the garage door. And they took the shower head (a really good one, drat.) A remote for a ceiling fan I knew was missing already.

The next morning I was getting used to the paths around the place. I bought and installed new locks for the doors, put in a new shower head, installed towel racks (where the hell did they put their wet towels, I wonder), a TP holder, and a shower curtain rod. Cleaned the filthy bit between the stove and the countertop (shocking considering the spotlessness of the rest of the house, but perhaps less so considering the paint, rotting cardboard boxes and wood, and other trash left behind). Measured two windows for new blinds and helped the painter out with some minor stuff.

I'm wiped out but happy. I'm back at home (soon to be former) and hitting the sack in seconds.

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