Thursday, April 03, 2008

starting to come together

The house is starting to have a semblance of being packed. There's still stuff all over, but it's better. It was pretty nightmarish when it was not just packing but reorganizing. The mate's parents always stuck a pair of nail clippers in the Christmas stocking, and now I've collected about a dozen of these damn things that you can never find when you need one. Tools get moved from garage to upstairs as needed, and don't get put back in one place; now they are, more or less.

It's almost as if you need to clear some space and start making piles before you start on boxing up. Computer stuff. Decorative stuff (SO much decorative stuff). Wall art. Tools. Small photos. Videos. My drawing/drafting equipment. Framing and matting stuff. And the big pile is things to give to Goodwill -- that one is a mess.

Furniture has been shifted to make room for boxes, and things are looking clearer. Bookshelves are empty and now I can clean them (hawk=dander and feathers, living a block from the freeway=lots of dust.) I want to have everything clean when it gets moved to the new place. Except for the toaster oven. No one ever cleans a toaster oven.

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