Sunday, May 25, 2008


For some reason, every house in this neighborhood has a shed in the backyard. I guess it was the style then. At my place, someone built a playhouse attached to the shed. I repainted the interior last week (from lurid orange to the greenish-white I picked for one of the bedrooms), and this week turned it into a mews. I built a door, hung it, screwed PVC bars on the windows, and threw in one of my ubiquitous green outdoor carpets.

Not that I'll actually use it for keeping hawks. It's nice to know that I could, though. No, it's mostly for legal reasons that I want to have it. USFWS and F&G can legally come onto your property to inspect your mews: that is one privacy that you give up when you become a licensed falconer. If you have an outdoor mews, they cannot enter your home without a warrant. Ergo, if they're having a crackdown, this mews will keep them out of my house. Not that I have anything in particular to hide, but when they're on the crackdown agenda, they consider you guilty already, and seize whatever they think may prove your illegal activity: in short, the computer.

Now, they can have just about anything they want except my computer. I need it. It's work, it's about half my social life, it's shopping, it's research, it's my preferred medium for creativity these days. I back it up regularly but not frequently enough to keep up with everything I do. I cannot afford to have it taken away.

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