Saturday, May 17, 2008

just one thing left to go

The new sofa and chair are here, as are several secondhand items from Craigslist rounding out the complement of furniture. Still to come is a coffee table (new), and that will do it.

A few days ago I bought a coffee table on CL for $35 but it just didn't work with the carpet. So I turned it around and put it right back on CL for the same $35. I am Asian and I hate to say this but Asians from the old country can be jerks. This lady knows it's a steal at $35, and she certainly can afford $35, but she still offers $25. I stand firm, she offers $30, then when I note that I've fixed up the lame foot and added some clear pads under the glass and I'm not asking for more than what I paid for it -- finally she meets my price. Haggling between Americans always seems much more straightforward, and it's generally not done for something as cheap as $35. We save our haggling powers for the big-ticket items, and we don't fuss over nickels.

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