Monday, May 26, 2008

lawn education

As I posted earlier, I have no familiarity with lawns at all, and now I'm getting some. The house has one of those sprinkler timers, which is a good thing to have if you want to water at night. What was driving me spare was the box can control 9 groups of sprinklers, but after running all 9 I couldn't get the front and side yard. None of the 9 switches controlled those areas.

I resigned myself to having to water the thing by hand. Which I've been doing.

Until today, when I sat down and studied a pair of pipes in front of the house. They were obviously water. I figured they were cutoff valves and had been turned off, so once they were on, the Rainbird would work. Each had a small black slider set to the off position, so I turned one on. Water started gurgling.

Those were the sprinkler switches. They weren't hooked to the control box at all. One covered the front, the other the side yard. It's manual in a way -- it won't automatically turn on and off at 2 a.m. like the other set -- but at least I don't have to stand around and walk around with a hose anymore.

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