Friday, June 13, 2008

a bit of fun

For a fraction of a second she stood without wing support, and did it several times today. She doesn't really need the heating pad during the day anymore. She eats readily from the lure and has been able to pull some meat from a heavily-scored bird. Sometimes she uses her feet to hold food, and I can see she's gripping things more. So far she's seen horses, trucks, and dogs. I still need to expose her to trains and cows.

This evening I had a little fun at her expense. I know, the camera work is poor, and I'm sure the sound quality is terrible, but it's overall cute and the lyrics are quite suitable.

This works because hawks naturally track moving objects. All I had to do was move my hand up and down in time with the music. (Doing this while recording on a slight buzz explains the shaky camera.) It works for most hawks, both young and old.

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