Monday, June 16, 2008

feathers feathers everywhere

Everywhere we go, we leave a trail of fine downy bits. They're not really noticeable until you take the nest box outside and all the stuff blows out. And there's tons of feather sheath particles that fall to the bottom of the box.

I love her to death but eyas raising is an incredibly messy business. Hunting involves a certain amount of blech, but what I'm doing goes way beyond. Mincing starlings and sparrows (the cuisinart doesn't work that great, it's better with a cleaver), scissoring small bones into particle-sized bits, and plopping that goop 6 times a day onto a lure or a dead bird means permanent meat stains under your fingernails. The kitchen floor is permanently littered with sparrow feathers.

On a more positive note, I took a visit to the nest site yesterday. I counted 3 eyases for sure, and possibly four. It's also possible that the egg never hatched. They looked fine, active and healthy, and at the same stage of development as my girl. The nest is pretty crowded now, mom mostly on the side. Must be weird to lie down on top of all these bumpy, shifting baby birds.

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