Sunday, June 08, 2008

sneaky sparrows

in the house. I had 3 in my two hands, and one escaped, flew straight down the hallway past a Harris hawk and into the office, where there was a snoozing sharpy. Quickly I beaned the two left, put them on the kitchen counter, then went into hot pursuit down the hall past a very, very curious Harris hawk and into the office, where the sharpy was still snoozing. After five hectic minutes I had it and returned to the kitchen to bean it.

The two sparrows were gone.

Apparently sparrows are pretty durable. They probably survive flying into windows often. I beaned the one in my hand (thoroughly, just to be sure), set it on the counter, and went in search of the other two.

I found one fairly quickly (and beaned it again) but not the other. Not behind the stove. Not under the recycle bins or the freestanding cabinet. I just hoped it hadn't gone behind the refrigerator. Finally I heard something -- it had gotten into the next room, behind the china cabinet.

I come back to the kitchen and one of the sparrows I'd beaned had moved. Fortunately not far this time, just a few feet.

Next time they're going into a bucket.

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