Monday, June 02, 2008

T minus 37

We're going to pull an eyas sharpy come Wednesday. It'll be an adventure. I'm nervous as a cat.

I've got a box containing a basket containing a heating pad containing a paper towel containing a bunch of sticks. I have 3 starlings and 1 other small bird, and am hoping a buddy will be able to shoot some blackbirds for me tonight.

P, bless his heart, was on the fat side but gamely went with me yesterday. He'd caught the first starling earlier this season, and it seemed to have been a fluke, but now I need small birds to feed a small hawk. We went out yesterday and fairly quickly caught a crow, but then I buckled down and passed up about 6 painfully good crow slips in favor of starlings. Passing up all those crows in hawkable position got P so amped up he was ready to put his feet into anything. We ended up getting 4 starling slips and catching two.

I really need sparrows and blackbirds, though. They're better food for a sharpy. I have a sparrow trap out but no luck with it yet except for the one OSB.

The past four days R and I have gone to the nest site at feeding time. Sunday we saw one chick for sure, today we're pretty sure there are two. We're guessing as of today they are between 3 and 4 days old. Optimum age to pull a sharpy is, according to McDermott, 4 days, but neither one of us can do any earlier than Wednesday. It should be fine, though.

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