Monday, June 09, 2008

that uncomfortable time

She's getting to that stage where the feathers are starting to sprout and her limbs are getting stronger but are not under full control. It was hot today and she was restless. There are only so many things you can do when you're a chick in a nest. Apart from sleeping, there's the leg stretch, the sitting up, the wobbly almost-stand, the vague flapping of spiky wings. When sleeping, she would often twitch or startle awake. She scrubbed at her down a lot today. I can't imagine what it feels like growing down, growing more down, then having feathers sprout out of your skin within the course of ten days.

On the manning front, it was a little odd twice when we got into the car: she was spooked by my hand. The hand is constantly on or near her with no reaction, so why should that change when I've set her box in the car? Otherwise, we've been on the freeway, in a park with a dog, been to Home Depot twice, over the bridge four times, and she snoozed through nearly all of it.

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