Friday, July 04, 2008

better, much better

After those initial awkward days (I need to be absolutely sure he can find the food I leave for him) things have gotten a lot better. He's still occasionally bitey and defensive, but it's more like one out of four to five times now. Carrying is similar.

He's getting close to the end of his tail growth -- one more band to go. At some point soon he will get very difficult, while he's hard penning. This is when the blood is getting absorbed out of the growing feather and back into the body. It's like a transfusion when you don't need one: you have tons more energy, you don't feel hunger. In the hawk there is no interest in doing what the falconer wants.

Fortunately, this only goes on a few days. Hawkicide will be wanted, but hopefully I'll avoid that.

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