Saturday, July 19, 2008

first kill - yay

He's done some incredible flying, talking WWII dogfight style with the loops and shit. The sparrow flight wasn't nearly as exciting but it did end in a kill, which is the main goal. There's a balance to be found between stylish flight (oooh loverly) and getting game (the gut-level yeah). Falconers should appreciate both.

And yeah, I'm not following McDermott on the eating on the ground thing. He bent a feather taking this one and I want to minimize the amount of sawing and stubbing that beautiful tail gets. If he gets glove possessive, that's just life.

Before this was comedy. A friend had told me carhawking isn't a bad way to get that first kill under your belt. So I was doing a bit of that this morning and afternoon. The flight before this one, he was on the glove and I started cruising slowly past a field full of blackbirds. He got so excited he kept trying to go out the windshield, wouldn't get back on the glove, so I just grabbed him bodily and tossed him out the driver's side window (Mavro would have approved.) That resulted in some intense aerobatics until he tuckered out. He landed on a clod of dirt and, in typical hawk wishful thinking, started footing it like crazy trying to kill it. "Yes, you've killed it," I said, and offered my glove with a tidbit.

I had nearly forgotten about a spot about a mile down the road, and decided to check it out. And that's where we got the sparrow.

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