Thursday, July 10, 2008

hawkicide hour

He's been there the last few days. Spooked by all sorts of things he wasn't before. Acts like he wants to kill something, but once it's in his fist he gets all nervous and doesn't want to eat. Doesn't want to come to the glove. Hates the right hand. Screams at me because I haven't been able to strongly reinforce that the prey is out there, not with me.

It's actually gotten a little bit better today. Tomorrow he should be right around 99 and should be hungry enough to kill and eat without fuss. My friend R says at theis time, their heads just aren't on straight, but they'll get there and take it easy.

When I was an apprentice and worried that my passage RT would starve itself rather than take food from me, my friend R would say, "Don't worry, she'll come around." And he was right. And R is right too.

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