Sunday, July 06, 2008

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I have a mild ant problem. I don't mind ants poking around the periphery -- if an insect has to invade your house, ants aren't a bad choice. But when they get deeper into my house and make it impossible to leave hawk food on the counter for more than an hour, I get annoyed. The sharpy's perch was by the front window, and it would get covered in ants going for a few microparticles of meat (about 3 ants worth, say). Needless to say, the sharpy didn't really like standing there. I'm sure some bit him, and he bit a few himself.

Okay, back to my original question. Ant stakes come in unsealed packages. And the stakes themselves are not sealed up either. The thing I don't understand is, if the bait is as attractive to ants as the package claims, why aren't ants trying to get into the packages on the store shelf? Huh?

Can you tell I haven't had good success with ant stakes?

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