Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This house came with a pile of fruit trees: apricot, apple, cherry, peach, lemon, orange. These past few months I was just too busy fixing and furnishing to pay much attention to them apart from making sure the sprinklers were set. (I think I hate lawns. They drink more than I want to give them, so I can't say they're lushes.)

The apricot grew a few that were good, but most of them dropped before they got ripe. Around here, lemons are no big deal: they grow, you make lemonade. The apple has a fungus. The cherry and the orange are still babies and poorly pruned, so nothing there. So to my surprise, I noticed that despite my neglect those little walnut-sized green things I noted when I moved in had become huge, lush peaches, coming into their colors.

There are about a dozen, and by their colors it looks like I can have a peach every 2-3 days for a couple weeks. I've had two already. The honeyish flavor and juiciness of a tree-ripened, never-sprayed peach is amazing. It spoils me. I'm not sure I would buy a peach from a grocery store again.

A note to Stephen Bodio: thanks for your comment. I've long admired your writing; A Rage for Falcons is in my top 5 favorites.


Steve Bodio said...

I'm honored. I'm enjoying watching your little guy learn-- the micro- adjustments of small Accips always made me nervous.

Max Inclined said...

Hey Steve. All I can do is just be glad I haven't killed him yet. I hope it'll make sense soon. Today it was threatening to rain, which probably made him more bold. He wasn't in a yarak pose, which tells me I still have a little leeway.

I wish I had my video camera the day he clipped a jackrabbit's ear, just for the fun of it.