Thursday, July 17, 2008

somewhat unwelcome visitor

The sparrows started going crazy this morning and I went outside to have a look. Perched on one of the phone poles about half a block away, a mature female Coopers barely glanced at me but she seemed too uninterested and distant to make the sparrows yammer. Then I took a look at the traps and saw the real cause of panic.

Mom was taking the kid to McD's Playplace. Baby buzzed the traps several times.

She was too young to be very afraid, and let me get within 15 feet of her.

She looked enormous and terribly slow in comparison to the sharpy. I took the traps inside and eventually she left. Part of me would have loved to give her a snack, but that will only make her come back. I want a safe place to trap my sparrows and leave the sharpy out for sun.

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