Friday, July 11, 2008


I think I'm getting to the end of the bad part. He responded reasonably well around 101 gm today. We did about 10 flights to the glove, a couple to the lure, and had 2 decent bags today. That weight will step down as he gets used to being lower, until he becomes a good hunter. I may be able to take him off the creance in a day or three.

I just did a quick cope job on the Harris's meat hooks, and he did have meat hooks. All this quail makes not just rapid feather growth but talon growth as well. An awkward business, coping. He won't let me do it when he's standing on the perch, so I do it one-handed with him on the glove, using a carpet knife. I pare the sides thinner, and his moving around on the perch will take care of the length. I haven't done it in a while and it's unsafe to do too much at once: there's blood inside them. Once the talons are shorter, it recedes, and in a week or two I will do it again and get them back to a decent length.

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