Monday, August 04, 2008

almost a kill a day

The weekend has been (relatively) good. He's still carrying, but he's been catching and he caught one a day from Friday to Sunday -- that puts him up to 7 now. I'm nixing the sparrows for now -- I need to go after things that are too big for him to carry, and hopefully he'll need me to help him handle it. He snatched some feathers off a robin today, at 85.9 gm. It was pretty sweet: there were about 5 robins; 2 hunkered down, allowing him a second chance.

I was hoping to have him at 85.5 or 85-nought, but his weight loss patterns seem unstable. Usually when a hawk is fat, he'll lose more grams per hour than when he's lean, so it's a bit of a moving target, but it should be calculable. Weather is a minor factor because I keep him indoors at a steady temperature. So it seems to me his weight loss should be more predictable. Some days he'll lose 3 grams in the course of 10 hours, some days 8 gm. When half a gram matters, it seems hard to feed him the right amout in the morning so he'll be at a certain weight 10 hours later.

As for the very steady and stable Mr P, I flew him last weekend after 3 weeks of sitting around and eating. No muscle right now, but I guess I took the edge off his boredom. We had 3 slips and 3 catches, the last one in flight. The difficulties with the sharpy make me appreciate Mr P a lot.

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