Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the fun just might be starting

My microhawker friends have kept telling me the fun is just around the corner. They've been telling me this for weeks. So far it's been a lot of gasoline, a lot of bags, a hawk that alternates between fussy and staring, and pretty annoying amount of carrying. In exchange, I've seen gorgeous flights and gotten at least some game out of it, but the work/fun balance was definitely on the work side. And I'm completely sick of sparrows.

But today was (hopefully) the hint of good things to come.

Somehow this bird has managed to avoid ever being around 85.5. 86 yes, 84 yes, never 85.5. The 10-hour weight loss was 4 grams yesterday, today 9, and he was at 84.8 when I got home. Close enough. I tidbitted him more than usual, just in case.

He understands the carhawking thing much better now, which is great. And I'm learning to distinguish between all these little birds with a glance.This was the result of a good flight after a towhee. He chased it into a bush, popped out and headed it off at the pass as it was trying to get out the other side. And it was too big to carry, muahahahaha. When I got there I could see the carrying impulse battling with the control/kill impulse, until I eliminated all confusion by pinning it down long enough for him to get his balance, and picking up everyone. He was hungry enough to not go into hysterics over that untrustworthy right hand as it stripped the skin off the towhee's head and squished out some yummy, yummy brains.

He settled fairly quickly after that, so we're really close to the right weight. If we can do this a bunch more times, then he should get his head on straight and work with me. The towhee should grow his ego too. So I'm doing the happy dance now.

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