Thursday, August 14, 2008

it was asper

This morning he was visibly worse, eyes sunken, gaping widely for breath, wanting to sleep at every opportunity. He was completely unfussy about anything. Even though I'd brought his weight up, his breast felt thinner. The vet found a small aspergilloma ball at the bottom of the trachea, too far down to remove with forceps, which would have helped his breathing for the time being. But asper being a fungus, it would just be a matter of time before it started growing again.

In order to live, he'd need to get tracheal injections twice a day for two weeks. He would have to stay at the hospital for the duration, which would basically ruin his training, both as an imprint and as a hunter. I'd go through a lot of expense only to have to release him. Not much of an option.

I chose euthanasia. The five sparrows and one towhee in my traps are now free.

Tomorrow I'll take him back to the nest site and bury him there.


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Steve Bodio said...

So sad to hear it, Max. I have had my times with Asper- lost a beautiful 3/4 Gyr, managed to cure a Gyr- Peregrine. Don't know about Accips but I now use Oxine in a fogger during the raising of any young Gyr blood and during times of stress for same. Of course with such big birds you have a not more margin.

Loss and bereavement are things only those who have suffered them know. I am glad you have your other hawk.