Wednesday, August 13, 2008

not dead

Since he's not dead, maybe it's not asper but just a cold. I kept his box slightly warm last night and, though he's still wheezing this morning, things might be a tiny bit better.

Eyes are still clear and alert, urates look good and copious, fecal also good but quite small. Overnight weight loss predictably more than usual.

More later.

8:30 pm.
Okay, I think he may have either aspirated something or have something stuck in his esophagus. He's been shaking his head a lot, and making motions similar to (but not exactly like) casting. He still looks energetic and alert. He took a bath, which is always a good thing. Even though he's up 5 grams, his behavior on the glove is calmer, which to me indicates he's under some stress.

I gave him a small chip of Spartrix as a prophylactic, and will be feeding him boneless meat until we see the vet tomorrow morning. Hopefully an Xray will show exactly what's going on, and if it's a bone, hopefully they can take it out.

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