Sunday, August 17, 2008


Over the weekend I did all sorts of crap I'd been neglecting since my life was hijacked by flying a small accipiter. Along with cleaning his box for the last time and putting away the sparrow traps, I mowed the lawn, mopped floors, vaccuumed, all that nonsense. Cleaning is just something you do after someone dies. Part of it is getting yourself to a pre-hijack state, part of it is cleaning your memories along with the mess.

I should probably leave the sparrow traps out anyway, just as supplemental food for the Harris. Dessert, more or less; something different and always fresh.

I gave Mr P some vertical jumps yesterday (he didn't pant until 80, which told me he was still in surprisingly good shape after 2+ months of sitting and molting). Today we caught 2 crows. He was a little stubborn coming out of trees (glove hawking him occasionally would probably fix this), but otherwise he made it look insanely easy. As usual. I wouldn't say car hawking has lost its thrill, but sometimes you want to see the hawk having to work for the quarry.

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