Monday, August 18, 2008

rules for wait staff

I don't usually encounter bad service in good restaurants, but I got some today. I waited tables for about a year. I'm generally forgiving of mistakes and allow for when the restaurant is busy. I normally give the standard 15% or a little more. However, when too many mistakes happen or I get disrespect as a paying customer, that tip starts trickling away at an exponential rate.

So listen up:

Even if I've ordered another drink, if I'm drinking the water, tend to my water glass.

Do not give me tons of singles in change. If I need them, I will tell you. If I tell you specifically I want a larger bill for change, give it to me without question. (I was actually asked, "You don't want to leave a tip?" -- a question that made me want to nix the tip entirely.)

Do not ask me if I want change when the change amounts to a significant percent of the bill. You took my order and handed me the bill; of course you know the total. As much as you'd like a 30% tip, it simply will not happen unless you've given outstanding service, great entertainment, and have offered me your daughter's virginity.

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