Friday, August 01, 2008

up to #4 now

He caught his 4th sparrow this morning, weighing 86 g exactly, but he also has a carrying problem. He flew away from me and I had a hard time finding him the first round, and in that time he ate about half the sparrow. So he'd taken the edge off his appetite and wanted to hide the rest from me.

He kept flying away a short distance, but the shrubs were tall enough to make me haul out the receiver each time. We did this about 15 times while I did various things to try to get close enough to snap him to the glove. None of it worked. Sadly, I don't have the patience to sit back and simply wait, motionless, for the hour or three it would take for him to settle down and start eating. I can wait 10 or 15 minutes at best. Then I would do something that caused him to take umbrage and fly off. Then I'd have to find him again. Repeat.

After talking with my sharpy expert friend K1, I simply went home. That's just a few miles away. Instead of getting frustrated under a noonday sun, I spent the next five hours leisurely trying out a Filipino lunch buffet (not bad), reading the paper, cleaning the sharpy's giant hood, hanging out with Mr P, transplanting a tomato, answering some emails and playing a couple Flash games.

At 5 pm I took my lure and telemetry and went out there. Found him within minutes less than a hundred yards from where I left him. He came straight to the lure like nothing exceptional had happened. Perhaps foolishly, I got the sense he missed me. Even though I'm his sibling out to steal his food (which is why he carries to begin with), I am also the constant in his life.

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