Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the month flies by

with crows, crows, and more crows, and one jackrabbit. I'd gotten a late start and drove the entire 19 miles of The Route without seeing even a possible slip. The hawk was craning his neck so hard, you'd think he could yank crows down from the trees by willpower alone.

As it was getting dark we came to the end of the Route to see a pair of ravens on a light pole, calling with their soft alto warble, a sound sad yet hopeful. I turned north again and took a final pass through some of the streets I'd skipped in my rush.

Where I spotted a lone jackrabbit on a strip of lawn in front of an office, just starting its evening feeding. A sitter always attracts P, and he had caught one from the car earlier this summer. I whipped into the parking lot, P hopped to my outstretched fist, not even knowing what I'd seen but eager for a slip.

He raked it -- it dodged just in time -- and it ran, but shockingly slowly. P bounced up to snag it in the karate hold, and it wriggled into some dirt near the office door. I grabbed both feet then and shoved them down so P could transfer his locked foot.

At that point I saw it was a fairly gravid female, and felt tremendously guilty. I'd only brought tidbits and one small takeoff piece, far too small a reward for catching something of this magnitude. I hate it when this happens, having to make a choice like this.

The rabbit lost. One of these days I'll start breeding jackrabbits to make up for it.

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