Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There are hazards to car hawking, as I've noted here and there. So far these have all been vehicular.

First stop on the Nearby Route is the local golf course. I was lucky today and saw a likely pair under a cypress. Everything went fine, beautifully even (in-flight catch) until P actually got hold of his quarry.

Cue women golfers, stage left.

They stared a moment at the struggle, then the boldest of them came forward, yelling at my bird. I was striding rapidly already, then stepped up my pace and -- the golf club coming up! -- started yelling at her. She was too focused to see or hear me. Fortunately, she only prodded my bird and by then I was there. I told her I was hunting and she said she didn't know, I said it was okay, and everything was hunkydory.

Whew. I think I got away lucky. People have different reactions to hawks. Someone else might have taken my bird's head off with a 9 iron.

Just one more thing to watch out for.

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